We - Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze

We are an international company doing business in the automotive supply industry.

Our purpose is to develop, manufacture and sell automotive wiring systems.

We are a module supplier, therefore a competent partner providing a wide variety of system solutions for our customers.


We - are continuously improving

Steady and continuous enhancements, with respect to knowledge and competence, ensure our financial success.

Our goal is to remain internationally competitive. This we will achieve through innovation and high quality products.

Encouraging individual responsibility and creativity creates an environment where good ideas are quickly implemented.

Continuous learning guarantees us an advantage.

We - are there for our customers

Satisfied customers and confidence in our products are the most important elements for our financial success.

Due to our continual willingness to innovate, we develop marketable products and services.

Customer satisfaction is reached through highest operational standards with respect to quality, flexibility and delivery reliability.

We - operate market-orientated

In order to remain competitive within the international marketplace we need to daily define our duties and responsibilities.

The following guidelines determine our actions:

  • Market and customer oriented thinking
  • Encourage individual responsibility and the creativity of our colleagues
  • Fairness in our association with our business partners
We - work together

Senior management agree on explicit goals in order to ensure clear expectations and motivated employees.

With a clear communication policy we ensure transparency and confidence in the corporate workflow and in the decisions that are made.

Our flexible organisation structure enables us to react promptly to new requirements.

We - count on our employees

We ensure that our employees’ interests and talents are encouraged and are used.

Through the recognition of performance and the feeling of belonging as well as modern workstations and determined advancement, the employees can identify themselves as being a part of the corporation.

This ensures that every employee makes it his/her personal goal to fulfill our customer’s wishes.

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