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Project management at SEBN is much more than simply following a schedule:

Built on the priciple of GPM/IPMA (Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement/International Project Management Association) the projects are the interdisciplinary interface between the specialist departments, the manufacturing facilities and the internal and external customers.



As an organisation of its own, under top management at Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze, the Project Managers follow the „magic triangle“ where the expectation of the stakeholder are clearly in the foreground.

Project management at SEBN is diverse:

From small internal projects to large projects such as a complete automobile or the construction of a new manufacturing location – every project follows the same procedure.  The projects are supported by the standard forms, the organisational guidelines and the networked information system with the company wide accessable project server as the core.

Project management at SEBN is integration:

As a global operational corporation the projects and implementation are not restricted to Head Office. The project teams consist of colleagues from the manufacturing facilities in different countries, where project organisation is also supported for those countries and the guidelines for the project teams is implemented.

Project management at SEBN is a clear benefit for the customer:

For the customer, the project management is a clear benefit: a responsible contact person, defined responsibility, quick decision process and, together with the directing project manager a high-ranking responsibility from SEBN.  This is implemented from the development stage through the production stage, the project teams accompany the automobile project from conception to final replacement part service.

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