Wire harnesses

As our company name indicates, the development and the production of wire harnesses is our main sector of our product range.

Using the term “Bordnetz” we are talking about the complete cross-linking of electric and electronic components in one car which are used for the transmission of electrical power and signals.

The wire harness itself could be visual seen as the “electric veins” of a vehicle. Without these features, safety systems like ABS, ESP or user-friendly features like seat heating, electric window lift or climate control unit wouldn’t work.


An other focus are the components in our product portfolio. The components are  very important in terms of full system supplying and in consideration of the specific requirements of constructed space for the wire harness routing.

At this juncture we speak about cable ducts, cable clips and junction boxes for electronics.


Due to the increasing complexity of cars the number of elelctronic components will be rising in the future.

Also in this domain we can offer a wide range of competences and can support the customer with long year's of experiance in software and hardware development.

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