Quality is of immense importance in our work. We adhere to standards and internal values not because our customers require us to. Quality awareness is part of our own philosophy.

  • Numerous international awards from car manufacturers are objective and independent proof of the above-average services which Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze offers its customers in the fields of quality, research, development and logistics.
  • SEBNís quality performance is documented by ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certification.
  • Thanks to our active pursuit of quality awareness, environmental protection is more than just complying with statutory regulations. In terms of sustainability it is an integral part of our corporate culture.
  • Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze has developed its own programmes in order to continuously expand the quality-awareness of all employees at all manufacturing locations.

Quality Policy 

  • Our highest priority is satisfied customers.
  • SEBN is dedicated to achieving zero defects, in particular to avoiding repeated complaints. 
  • Our aim is to continuously improve all of our products and processes involving all of our personnel.
  • Our employees live our mission statement.
  • To reduce in-process defect ratio. 
  • To implement our own process assurance activities (HAI-activities, Kaizen).                             






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