As the employer of more than 130,000 people worldwide, Sumitomo Electric Industries bears a heavy social responsibility. The Group exercises awareness of its responsibility at an international level, and also locally in those regions in which its facilities are situated. And Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze is also active in many ways for people and their environment:

  • Like all of the companies of Sumitomo Electric Industries, we have strict rules relating to the careful treatment of limited resources. We develop sustainable products and production processes, and try wherever possible to utilise renewable energies and raw materials. 
  • We support our employees with activities such as internal training courses, health programmes, projects for people studying to obtain a degree, and trainee positions for university graduates.
  • We support social activities and facilities, both financially and through the engagement of our employees. 
  • Like all the companies of Sumitomo Electric Industries, our corporate and work policies represent an important contribution towards the equality of the physically disadvantaged in the workforce. 
  • We support the Sumitomo Electric Industries Foundation for the promotion of research and science.
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